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Parents Night Out!

Parents Night Out!

Thursday July 14th from 6-9pm.

You deserve some time away from your kids. You adore them for sure, but sometimes we all need a little bit of rest and some freedom to enjoy time with your significant other.

Your little one will stay busy during your night out. We offer:

Dance class - your little one will learn some basic ballet moves and positions.

Dress up party - your little one will create different classical and elegant characters, wearing beautiful dresses, skirts and stylish hairstyle.

Dance coloring - your little one through coloring will learn about dance costumes and shoes, dance history and different kind of ballet performances.

Story telling - we will be reading an amazing book about classical dance.

And of course Dinner. For dinner we serve homemade pizza, salad and baked vegetables and for the desert, oh, they will love it, homemade peach pie.

$30 with dinner and dance class included.

Please feel free to contact us if any questions, we always happy to answer them.

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