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  Dance Studio "ELEGANCE"


Hello, and welcome to Dance Studio "Elegance"!

I hope you enjoy our website and discover the wonderful options our school has to offer. We are a new dance studio in New Bern where we have recently relocated from San Francisco.

We truly believe that dancing can become essential part of every person’s life. For us – Dance means life! In spite of many dance styles existence, appearance of new and constantly changing tendencies - classical choreography doesn’t loose its meaning and actuality, and still is the main core for many different dances. Classical dance always means elegance, airiness and beauty, this is our main philosophy!

Exercises based on classical dance movements develop your body, making it more flexible, graceful and attractive. You will observe noticeable changes in your posture and walk. These exercises will also strengthen your body core and muscles without building to much muscle mass, develop flexibility and plasticity of your joints without heavy Impact. That will also allow you to loose extra weight, which will result in more beautiful and leaner body, as well as improve overall physical shape.

In experienced professional hands of ballet teacher – classical dance is not only art of magic and beauty, but also a great instrument to fine tune your body’s cardiovascular, skeletal, respiratory and immune systems.

In our dance studio we are using different dance styles – from classical ballet, Tango, Waltz to simplified dance version that we adopt to each individual person’s preference. I am always happy to share many years of my professional dance experience with all my students throughout many years of teaching kids, adults and seniors. In our schedule you will find classes for whole family and all ages.

Our home based location provides spacious and beautiful  hardwood-floor studio whose picturesque windows overlook a serene, wooded setting off of Greenbrier neighborhood in New Bern. We are limiting our group sizes to provide better quality personal attention to each student.

We would love to have you join our dance family! You are welcome to register for a FREE trial class!

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